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Why I'm Afraid to Ask For Advice
Person A: What? You want MORE advice?
Person B is a kid in a high chair with a big bowl of gross food in front of them.
Person A, pointing angrily at the bowl of food: You've gotten PLENTY of advice and you haven't taken ANY of it!

Business Idea
Person A: The gas people use to heat their homes is bad for the environment.
Person B: Huh. Maybe there are alternative gases that are greener. This is a great idea for a business!
Billboard says "Heat for the Future: We create green house gases."

Two birds are looking at a cityscape with a bird's nest in the foreground. One bird: It's a great view of nature! Too bad that big ugly HOUSE is in the way.

A psychic is giving someone a reading. A ghost says to the psychic: Someone in my family has a name that begins with the letter "s."

Attachment Issues
Person: I have attachment issues.
Attachment theory: Ah! I can help with that. What was your attachment like as a child?
Person: Secure.
Attachment theory: All right, looks like there's nothing wrong with you.
Person: But...
Attachment theory: Enjoy your perfect life.

Orange says to apple: It seems like no matter how hard I try, I'll never be as good at being an apple as you are.

Who Do You Work For?
Person B is tied up and beaten, person A holds a knife up to their face and threatens them.
Person A: I SAID, who do you work for?
Person B: I'll tell you everything, just...
Person B: Please, come to one meeting! It's a great opportunity, you won't regret it!
Caption: Talking to MLM recruiters.

Jealous Projects
I think my creative projects are jealous of each other. When I try to remain flexible and open to inspiration, none of them seem very enticing. But as soon as I decide to prioritize ONE of them, a DIFFERENT one tugs at my arm and says "Hey! Pay attention to me!"

The Weather
Person A: We always end up talking about the weather. Can't we talk about something more substantial for once?
Both people sitting on the roof of a house during a storm with severe flooding.
Person B: Uh... sure.

Waffle Iron
So it turns out a waffle iron is for MAKING WAFFLES.
A person has a waffle iron on top of an ironing board, holding a shirt with a waffle-iron-shaped burn on it.

Person A: I ordered a pizza and they sent me a waffle instead.
Person B: I'm playing the world's smallest violin for you.
Person A: Oh, come on! You can't solve problems with violins!

Impostor Syndrome
I used to think I had impostor syndrome. Then I looked up the definition. Apparently only successful people can have it. Turns out I've been faking it. I'm an impostor syndrome impostor.

Tree A says to Tree B: Do you think humans communicate with each other?
Tree B: How could they? They don't have roots.
Tree A: Yeah, I guess it's a crazy idea.

Person drawing on a pad of paper pictures clicking a save button and thinks: I've been drawing for a while. I should save this.
The person looks confused, then realizes their mistake.

A Spot of Tea
Person A holding a teapot: Would you care for a spot of tea?
Person B with a tea cup and napkin in front of them: Yes please.
Person A pours a small bit of tea onto Person B's napkin. Person B looks at it with disappointment.

Hazelnut Chocolate
Chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts: Hi there! I have these nice grooves so you can break me into even-
THUNK! The chocolate breaks in the wrong place.
One of the hazelnuts, wearing sunglasses: WE decide where the chocolate breaks.

A person pours syrup on a waffle. As soon as they put a forkful of waffle in their mouth, there is syrup all over them and the wall behind them.

A carnival game setup has bowls of guacamole that disappear into holes. One person tries to dip a chip into the guacamole but the guacamole descends into one of the holes before they can get any.

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