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Do you have an idea that you want to get out there, but you’re not sure how to communicate it in a bold and compelling way? I can help you do it... with comics! Comics are a great tool for making otherwise cumbersome ideas engaging and shareable. Do you have a promotional campaign to run? Want to spice up an article with some creative illustrations? Need a set of instructions people will actually read? I’ve got you covered! I'll work with you to create the perfect comics that will get your message across.

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Services: Info Comics

You can hire me to create an info comic such as this one, to explain an idea to an audience. This service includes collaborative idea generation, script writing & revision, drawing, and creating images. I will provide you with digital files optimized for your purposes.

In general, I tend to charge about $150-$200 per comic frame, for the whole process:

Prices may vary according to drawing style, amount of script writing, and other factors, so reach out to me to get a specific quote, and let me know if you have a limited budget.

To see other samples, check out my info comics. I have a variety of comic styles. I'm offering free consultations, so email me to make an appointment.

My email:
sylvia at sylviaodhner dot com

Looking for something different? I also do illustration & design.