Sylvia Odhner - Comics and Illustration
Current Comics
A Human-Scaled Journey
A Human-Scaled Journey: a comic about car dependence and societal cohesion. Started in 2023.
Info Comics
Info Comics: comics that communicate ideas. Started in 2021.
Oops Sorry
Oops Sorry: a collection of simple standalone humor comics. Started in 2020.
Miscellaneous Short Comics

Older Comics
Oops Sorry
Drew the Centaur: a comic about a centaur trying to get by in a human world. 2022.
Don't Get Any Ideas
Don't Get Any Ideas: a webcomic full of social commentary, with characters and a storyline. 2019-2022.
Averting the Flame Wars
Averting the Flame Wars: a comic-illustrated blog about how to communicate effectively online, co-written with my sister Melanie. 2016-2020.
Oops Sorry
Think Before You Think: a romantic humor comic about a guy who can read minds. 2009-2019.
Oops Sorry
Hanklerfish Comic: a fan comic about the Vlogbrothers as anglerfish. 2014-2017.
Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs: a fan comic about Lifehouse. 2008-2012.

The adventures of Anna Glenn and her Pet Ethan: a comic about two of my real-life friends, but one of them is tiny. 2006-2009.