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The Confession
November 4th, 2022

Comic Text
Jared and Dean are sitting in an elevator.
Jared: How long do you think we'll be stuck in here?
Dean: I don't know, maybe an hour?
Jared: Dean, I need to confess something.
Dean: No, Jared. We're not dying. There'll be plenty of time for confessions later.
Jared: I just figured now would be as good a time as any.
Dean: I think a better time would be when we don't have to sit here together for WHO KNOWS how long, while the confession just HANGS in the air with all its awkwardness.
Jared: I don't care, I have to say it.
Dean: WAIT. What if I respond by saying something you don't want to hear?
Jared: What, like you think teddy bears are childish and stupid?
Dean: Oh. Is your confession that you still have a teddy bear?
Jared: Maybe.
Dean: That's fine. I have one too.
Jared: Really?
Dean: Yeah. Peanut Butter.
Jared: Mine is Beary. I miss him. I'm feeling anxious and I really need something to cuddle right now.
Jared looks at Dean with a sad expression.
Dean holds out his arm and Jared snuggles up to him.
Jared: Thanks.
Jared: Dean?
Dean: What.
Jared: I'm in love with you.
Dean: sigh
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