About Me

I'm an artist, illustrator, designer, and cartoonist. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I've been creating webcomics for the past several years as well as doing freelance art. Some of my projects include:

My long-term webcomic, Think Before You Think.

I do all the illustration and some of the writing for my collaborative comic-blog about respectful and effective online discourse, Averting the Flame Wars.

I designed merchandise for Hank Green, as a side project of one of my other webcomics, Hanklerfish Comic.

I did a lot of the graphic design, including the logo, for RateTea.com.

I illustrated a cookbook with drawings of local architecture.

Contact me: sylvia.odhner@gmail.com

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Webcomics and blogs:

Art, Comics, & Writing Blog (Tumblr)

Old comics:
Lifehouse: Behind the Video Blogs (2008-2012)
The Adventures of Anna Glenn and Her Pet Ethan (2006-2009)