A Human-Scaled Journey: Finding our way in a society built for cars, a comic by Sylvia Odhner
Taking Action With Strong Towns
May 6th, 2024

Go to strongtowns.org/local to get involved.

Comic Text
Person A: Okay, I’ve realized that car-dependent infrastructure has taken over our society. And it’s super depressing.
Narrator: Well, hold on. Being aware of the problem is just the beginning. There are plenty of things to do about it. Let me tell you more about what I’ve been doing over the past year. I knew I wanted to start a conversation about this stuff with other people in my local community.
Strong Towns post: Want to start a conversation about this stuff with other people in your local community?
Narrator: Actually, yeah.

Strong Towns provides resources to help people form effective advocacy groups in every step of the process, whether you’re learning about what’s happening in your town or actively trying to change things. Established Strong Towns groups have made some incredible progress towards undoing the damages of car-dependent infrastructure.

So I started a Strong Towns group. And I wasn’t the only one. New groups are popping up all over North America at an increasing rate.
Person from Strong Towns trying to catch markers falling off a map: Uh, guys? What do we do with all these?
Strong Towns started implementing a whole new program for local groups in order to keep up with the demand. Given how much momentum there is, we may see sweeping positive changes in the infrastructure all over North America soon.

Person A: Hmm, that actually sounds encouraging.
Me: Yeah! Check the map. There might be a Strong Towns group near you. Or someone might start one soon. And that person could be you.

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Taking Action With Strong Towns
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A Human-Scaled Journey is a nonfiction comic I created to document my experience learning about sustainable and walkable infrastucture and related ideas. It will include a combination of informative comics and journal-style comics, as well as collaborative comics showing other people's experiences and expertise.